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Exploring Patagonia in Argentina and Chile

It is a world of wonders and unexpected natural landscapes, from ice fiels, glaciers to high mountain peaks covered in snow. A land that enchanted Darwin and other famous explorers. 

The southern tip of South America has inspired us at the Voyagers Travel Company to bring you some of our most innovative itineraries and routes. 

We invite you to read through our site and if you feel inspired send us a quick email and we will work on a custom vacation proposal for you. Our team of travel advisors has experience visiting these austral lands and is happy to make first hand recommendations.

Patagonia: A Land to Discover

Patagonia Discover

Patagonia travel The Fjords of Patagonia, are a natural phenomena produced by the melting of glaciers. Fjords are inlets that are formed by the erosion produced by a glacier that leaves a U-shaped valley after melting. These valleys connect with the sea and many of them are navigable, in some cases even deeper than the surrounding oceans. The Southern part of South America also know as Patagonia, has many navigable inlets. Patagonia travel is also done by expedition cruise, one of the main attractions of cruising in Patagonia is navigating through channels and visiting fjords and glaciers.

Patagonia Fjords

Patagonia Cruises & Travel invites you to discover this far away land. For a truly unique adventure vacation in Patagonia, choose from our handcrafted cruise and expedition itineraries on board enchanting small ships that visit the most remote corners with ease and while offering great comfort. We will be more than happy to help you select the expedition boat or trip itinerary that best suits your needs. We can also act as bilingual representatives on your behalf should you need us at any time during your stay. We organize travel to Patagonia because we believe it's one of the most beautiful places on earth; and after you visit Southern Argentina and Chile we know you'll agree.Our website is setup to help you explore the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile; we offer you advice to plan an easy, fun, and safe trip.

Patagonia Travel Blog

  • Patagonia Trip - The tour was very well elaborated, long enough and one could see the most beautiful views of the area. Also accommodation and food were all right. It was clear for me, that the succes of the tour will depend very much on the weather conditions which are changing very fast in this area.The weather was relatively good, I feared that it will be worse. But decisive for the success of the tour was the excellent guidance. All his proposals and decisions were perfect, very punctual and precise. He is very knowledgeable of all aspects of this area.
  • Patagonia - I want to thank you very much for looking after me so well in Patagonia. The trip was absolutely amazing and so well organised-there is nothing that you could have done better. The endless food and wine was delicious and quite unexpected.-I've never experienced anything like it on a trip before.
  • Torres del Paine national park fire - SANTIAGO, Chile -- Firefighters in Chile battled three huge wildfires Monday that have burned about 90 square miles (23,000 hectares) of forest, destroyed more than 100 homes and have driven away thousands of tourists while causing millions of dollars in losses.
  • Patagonia Camp - "We had a wonderful time here. Everyone was so nice, we will definitively recommend to others ! The food was amazing".
  • Patagonia Camp - The camp is so ideally situated-the view is spectacular in every way and the desingn of

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